Introducing Dog Clipping

We are so happy to announce that our weekend only groomer Julie is now on board on weekdays!


Julie has been breeding and showing German Shepherds for many years , and has a passion in dog caring and grooming. She really takes her time and patience to make sure your beloved pooch is comfortable and relaxed , making sure their experience with us is a positive one. 

De shedding large breeds


One of Julie's specialities is working out the dead coat from your large breed dog, ensuring less hair loss and itchiness for yourself and your dog in the hotter months. Contact us about our new pick up and drop off service for grooming in our local area.

Prepare to be pretty


We make sure your pooch looks its best when he or she walks out our doors. Big or small, full or tidy clip. 

 Contact us about our new pick up and drop off service for grooming in our local area. 

We use only natural and organic products


Its hard for a dog in this life to not pick up toxins from our environment. We do our best to not add to this. We use only the most natural and organic safe products, that when your dog licks its coat, they will be no toxic nasties entering their systems, infact we use herbal products that are healing and soothing

Small breed tidy ups and full clips


No matter the size, we give the same attention and care to each and every breed and size.

 Contact us about our new pick up and drop off service for grooming in our local area. 

Free meridian massage with every wash and dry till March


To celebrate Julie joining our team, we are offering a FREE meridian Massage with every wash and dry until ,march . Valued at $45.00

 Contact us about our new pick up and drop off service for grooming in our local area. 

About Us

Qualified Therapist

Im a canine natural therapist. with over 10 years experience in acupuncture, diets , anxious dogs


Alaina  Jeffery from Balanzing Pawz is a qualified and experienced Natural Dog (and equine) Therapist who takes a wholistic approach to healing, meaning the she treats the dog as a whole and not just the symptoms.

Alaina is a qualified natural dog therapist with over 7 year experience in treating dogs with great success

She believes that all factors need to be taken into consideration. This includes environment, stress, diet and nutrition, exercise and balance.

Alaina also strongly believes that the gut is the foundation to a good immune system and when combined with natural therapies creates a strong healing system

Special Raw Diets

Complete natural species appropriate diet. Contains everything your dog needs for their digestion

At The Dog Spot, we not only offer a great day out for your dog, but also can provide your dog with a complete raw and natural diet, designed by a Natural therapist .

We design diets based on the fact that the dog's stomach still resembles their cousins (the wolf) infact it hasn't changed a lot ! 

So really your dog is basically a wolf in a different jacket 

All  products we use are sourced from the best suppliers.

Fresh, clean and safe beef. roo, chicken, offal, salmon and turkey are included to create our diets. 

Only the best fresh vegetables from our own gardens are used , the best supplements, herbs and kelp are sourced from non toxic environments , ensuring your dog has the best and healthiest gut system...... lets face it, your dogs are exposed to too many toxins already .... so ensuring non toxins in our diets is very important to us.

We also pride ourselves in using local and fresh products making us all Australian owned and made 

Our diets are species appropriate , which means , that your dog is eating similar to that of a wolf, the way your dog's system is intended to. Your dog's gut system is designed to digest wholesome and raw.

Our diets are based on 

70 - 80% muscle meat
5-10% species mixed species offal
5-10% puree'd  carotenoids-antioxidants vegetables that protect cells    
5-10% mixed species bone and cartilage 
Also contains Fish oil, Our own bone broth, Golden paste (turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil ) Organic Tasmanian Kelp (for digestion , gland function and amino acids for your pups well being) Local active bush  honey and spiralina . 

Everything your dog needs to create a super healing system 

 All diets can also be custom designed for each dog for different ages, conditions. 

Dog Grooming and Aromatherapy


We can give your dog the complete package Treatments, fun, healthy food and dog grooming all under the one WROOF! You can also enjoy a coffee while you wait!

Nail clipping and Aromatherapy treatment by Debra!

Debra trained as a Veterinary Nurse and has a long list of experience with many animals in her other business Critter Bits Bargo. Debra has a keen interest in natural health remedies, raw feeding and Aromatherapy for dogs