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Raw Natural Dog Food

At The Dog Spot we hand make all of Raw and Natural Food.

We use quality ingredients designed  by a canine natural thrapist so it suits your dog perfectly

Quality Guarantee

We use only the best natural  products available.

Fresh beef, lamb, chicken, liver, tripe, turkey and roo.

Ingredient in Our Raw Diet


70 - 80% muscle meat
5-10% species variant offal
5-10% puree'd  carotenoids-antioxidants vegetables that protect cells    
5-10% mixed species bone and cartilage   
Also contains Bone broth, Golden paste (turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil ) Kelp (for digestion , gland function and amino acids for your pups wellbeing) Manuka hon and spiralina . 

Everything your dog needs to create a super healing system 

All About Kelp

Kelp contains many essential amino acids, minerals and salts essential for cell growth, digestion and glandular absorption and repair. Kelp is the closest enzyme to that is found in a plant prey animals stomach which enables complete absorption of all consumed materials. Remembering that your dog's system is closely related to that of a wolf and this diet is essentially species appropriate.

Home Cooked Meal and Treats

All of our products are made in The Dog Spot kitchen with love and care. We spend many hours making cakes, pastries and pies. All products are lactose free, sugar free and gluten free, so you know you are giving your dog the best food and treats available!

Specialy Designed Diets

All of our diets can be designed for your dog's special needs!

We can design diets for puppies, active, lazy, old or special needs dogs!

Just call us on 02 46 843 395 for special small large or bulk orders

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